First ODi Meetup

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We had the first Drupal yorkshire monthly meetup at the ODI Leeds this month with talks from Dan Harper (Curve Agency), Chandeep Kosa (Imagine Creativity) and Paul Driver (Primal Web Design)

Kicking of was Dan with an explanation on how he used the pargraphs module to create an entity model for a personality quiz, in breif the entity model proviced the flexibility to add questions, answers and modifiers to allow scoring against each persona when the quiz was answered. Some custom code was used to 

Second up was chandeep explaining how he had speerated his had created a registration process for Creative Careers (dev site link), so registered users can register for specific events.

Paul Driver finished with a follow up on what Chandeep had to say with examples on how to create multiple paid for events in one click with a combination of the modules below.

We're still looking for sponsors so please get in touch