February meetup roundup

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Meeting again at the ODi we had the following speakers to look forward too,

Testing why do it?

John embarked on a data migration project for the Yorkshire Film Archive (YFA). A Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 migration where the main migration tasks were performed by an migrate and the 2d2 module, both modules are object orented and allow high levels of customisation by extending existing classes. The main sticking issue with the migration was a free text field that was used to store dates, in total John found 58 different dates, using a testing framework he was able to identify new date formats every time the migration failed.

Config pages without code

Creating cofig pages can be time consuming and repetitive the config pages module removes this repitition by adding a UI which uses Drupal core Field API to allow easy creation of stored configuration. Thie module essentially creates a configuration entity which means they can be used in views and any other enity API features including translation.

James used it to create a simple page of nodereferences that allowed the administrator of the site easily pick the